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Littelfuse Speed2Design Makes Circuit Protection A Fashion Statement!

Littelfuse Speed2Design and Design World are giving away one Google Glass every month for the next five months.


To remind design engineers that, as electronics get smaller, the need for circuit protection gets bigger.


With a fun little quiz that will challenge their knowledge of circuit protection as it reveals the most important factors from our “Fuseology” selection guide. They take the quiz, they’re automatically entered to win Glass. For example:

1. True or False: To prevent nuisance blowing, the current rating of a fuse is typically derated 25% for operation at 25ºC.

a. True
b. False

2. What does “telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl” signify?

a. The World War II code phrase signaling a successful British landing in Dieppe.
b. The internet address of a laundry in Norway.
c. The terminal command to trigger the OSX Easter Egg which displays “Star Wars” in       ASCII text.
d. Absolutely nothing.

Hey, we said it would be fun. But seriously, sorting through data sheets and trying to match application needs to specifications can be a bit daunting… so knowing critical selection factors in advance can really simplify the process.  And it’s an “open book” quiz; we even provide a link to our FUSEOLOGY Selection Guide.


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