Back to School & Back to the Drawing Board for Those Who Neglect Circuit Protection


This year, I had an opportunity to talk with members of the IEEE Student Chapter at Stanford University about some of the exciting things we’ve been doing at Littelfuse, particularly the IndyCar racing and NASA Speed2Design programs we ran over the last two years.

Racing and space exploration are just two examples of how pervasive the need is for circuit protection. Electronics are everywhere in racing, not only on the cars, but in the communications equipment in the pits and garages, as well. Much of that equipment is much more sensitive than in the past, because it involves digital electronics, which requires a higher level of circuit protection. And though static shocks might be little more than a wintertime annoyance to most humans on earth, these discharges can spell real trouble for critical electronics in orbit or on extraterrestrial missions…Read More


Planet Analog Bharat June 2014

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