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Explore 7 Market Segments Growing Faster than You Think

Think for a moment about how many times a day you interact with a consumer electronics device. How often do you access your social media account on your smartphone? How many times do you check your email on your tablet? How frequently do you check your Fitbit® during the day to see how many steps you’ve taken?

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Seven Tips for Staying Connected

Today’s consumers are always on the go. Running to appointments. Dropping off the kids. Driving to the office. The average day can feel like a marathon. While on the run, consumers want their mobile devices to be charged and ready for use. They can’t afford to have the battery run out of juice.


Littelfuse Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Suppression Design Guide

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Suppression Design Guide

Choosing the most appropriate ESD suppression technology requires a balance between equipment protection needs and operating requirements. The comprehensive 18-page ESD Suppression Design Guide from Littelfuse summarizes some of the solutions available and helps designers choose the most appropriate solution for their end applications.

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USB 3.0 Circuit Protection Application Note

New USB 3.0 specifications, combined with continuous shrinkage of integrated chip geometries, make protection against electrical transients and overcurrent faults more critical and complicated than ever. Learn about: USB 3.0 operating characteristics Circuit protection devices optimized for overcurrent protection and ESD protection Techniques for characterizing signal integrity.

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Littelfuse 777 Series Fuse

777 Series Fuse

Protects High-wattage Chargers from Failures

Enhanced electrical characteristics make it ideal for use in wall-mounted chargers for smartphones and tablets. Robust design enables devices to withstand up to 24 hits of 7.5kV ringwave surge. Opens safely on a direct short condition without producing soot, sparks or sounds.

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Littelfuse SP3014 Series

SP3014 Series TVS Diode Array

Protects Fragile ICs from ESD

Exceptionally low dynamic resistance, AEC-Q101 qualified device ensures maximum reliability in harsh environments. More than 50% lower clamping voltage than other silicon solutions is ideal for protecting high-speed signal lines such as USB 2.0, USB3.0 and 1Gb Ethernet.

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Littelfuse SP2574NUTG Series

SP2574NUTG TVS Diode Array

Protects Chipsets from Premature Failure

Protects high-speed, differential data lines from damage due to ESD, CDE, EFT, and lightning-induced surges. It can protect up to four channels or two differential pairs at up to 40A and up to 30kV ESD. Ideal protection for notebooks, switches, servers, etc.

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Littelfuse SP5001-SP5003

SP5001-SP5003 TVS Diode Arrays

Common-mode EMI filtering with ESD protection

Provides ESD protection and common-mode EMI filtering for 2 or 3 differential line pairs in high speed differential serial interfaces. AEC-Q101 qualified devices can be used to protect consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, MIPI cameras, HDMI, DVI displays, etc.

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Littelfuse SP3012 Series

SP3012 TVS Diode Array

Low Capacitance ESD Protection for Chipsets

Protects sensitive chipsets on USB 3.0 and HDMI high-speed data lines from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Its dynamic resistance of 0.4 ohms provides a clamping voltage two to three times lower than competing devices, ensuring reliable chipset performance.

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Littelfuse SM Series

SM Series TVS Diode Array

Robust Protection from Surges, ESD

Maximizes field equipment reliability with two to three times greater ESD tolerance than similar solutions. Protect sensitive datacom port electronics used in automation, diagnostic and security systems from ESD, electrical fast transients and lightning-induced surges.

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