Circuit Protection for LED Lighting Applications

New Infographic Sheds Light on LED Market Growth

Most leaders within the LED market want to keep a strict pulse on the trends and changes that impact the industry. Why? Because they want to invest in and keep up with the areas experiencing the most growth. In most cases, market growth leads to monetary growth.

To shed light on the latest trends, Littelfuse has published a new infographic featuring up-to-date growth statistics for various aspects of the LED market.

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LED Lighting Protection Design Guide

Explore the latest LED lighting industry standards, circuit protection product information, circuit diagrams and links to application notes and videos using this interactive design guide. Designers of LED residential retrofit lamps and outdoor luminaires will find this a useful resource to quickly find answers to your LED lighting design questions.

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LSP05 & LSP10 SPD Modules

Prevent Damage to Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures

The LSP05 (parallel) and LSP10 (series or parallel) Surge Protection Device Modules are constructed with thermally protected varistors.The LSP10 is the world’s first indicating surge arrestor that can handle 20,000-amp surges.

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PLED6M Open LED Protectors

Keep Outdoor LED Strings Shining

For outdoor lighting applications like street and subway lights, uninterrupted illumination is critical. Superior, high reliability open LED protectors offer a switching electronic shunt path to ensure that the LED array will continue shining, even if a single LED fails as an open circuit.

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328/688 Series Fuses

Compact, Surge-tolerant Fuses for Outdoor Lighting

These compact, high surge protection fuses can withstand up to 20 lightning-induced high current surges without performance degradation. Provides short-circuit and overload protection, ensuring long-term reliability for outdoor applications like LED lighting.

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PLEDxSW Series LED Protectors

Boost LED String Reliability, Light Engine Efficiency 

Molded from a white material that reflects more light, enhancing the overall efficiency of the light engine. Even if one LED fails, the protector’s electronic shunt path keeps the remainder of the LED string operating—increasing the application’s reliability.

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Reliable, Robust Switching for LED Dimmer Applications

These thyristors work as the switching solution in a dimmer circuit to adjust the light output of LED bulbs and strings. Accommodates a variety of operating parameters without sacrificing reliability or performance. Create one dimmer design that covers LED, CFL and incandescent loads.

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LV UltraMOV™ Varistors

Industry-Leading High Surge Ratings in Small Disc Sizes

Protects lower voltage DC applications like LED lighting drivers. With unrivaled energy handling capabilities, they provide superior protection against high peak surges from indirect lightning strike interference and system switching transients.

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