Discover 4 Automotive Electronics Segments Driving Market Growth


Think about the last time you drove your car. How many different features or tools did you use? Did you program your GPS to navigate to an appointment? Did you play a DVD in the backseat for your child? You probably interacted with several different electronics systems within your vehicle without even thinking about it.

As cars become more advanced, the demand for innovative automotive electronics systems will increase. How much is each segment of the automotive electronics market expected to grow? Littelfuse, the global leader in circuit protection, has compiled the latest data to reveal the growth projections for processors, infotainment systems, connected vehicles and safety features.

According to Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research, today’s automobile designs have nearly 100 microprocessors and about five miles of wiring. The organization estimates that the number of processors will double in just five years.

Why is it important to keep a pulse on the rapid growth within this market? As the demand for advanced automotive electronics grows, so does the demand for technologies to protect the sensitive components from damaging electrical hazards. There are three major sources of electrical hazards in automotive systems: electrostatic discharge (ESD), switching loads in power electronics circuits and lightning. These transient surges can harm the vehicle’s sensitive electronics—whether under the hood or in the cabin.
Littelfuse is aware of the unique challenges facing designers in the automotive electronics industry. In response, Littelfuse is developing specialized circuit protection solutions that eliminate transient surges and enhance the overall safety of the vehicles. The company’s automotive TVS diodes deliver proven, high-reliability performance in a small footprint.

Ready to put the company’s circuit protection expertise to work for you? Learn how to select the ideal circuit protection device for your next automotive electronics application by downloading our Automotive Circuit Protection Application Note.


Littelfuse Automotive Growth Infographic


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