Littelfuse 777 Series Fuse

777 Series Fuse

Protect high-wattage chargers from failures

Enhanced electrical characteristics make it ideal for use in wall-mounted chargers for smartphones and tablets. This robust fuse design withstands up to 24 hits of 7.5kV ringwave surge. It opens safely on a direct short condition without producing soot, sparks or sounds.

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LSP05 & LSP10 SPD Modules

Prevent Damage to Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures

The LSP05 (parallel) and LSP10 (series or parallel) Surge Protection Device Modules are constructed with thermally protected varistors, providing robust surge current handling. The LSP10 is the world’s first indicating surge arrestor that can handle 20,000-amp surges.

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AUMOV™ Series Varistors

50% Higher Surge Energy Rating


New! AEC-Q200 compliant varistors designed for use with automotive electronics. Protects sensitive vehicle systems from voltage transients induced by load dump, jump starts.

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