Explore 7 Market Segments Growing Faster than You Think


Think for a moment about how many times a day you interact with a consumer electronics device. How often do you access your social media account on your smartphone? How many times do you check your email on your tablet? How frequently do you check your Fitbit® during the day to see how many steps you’ve taken?

Clearly, consumer electronics are closely integrated into our everyday lives. But how much is each facet of the consumer electronics market growing?  Littelfuse has compiled the latest data to show the growth projections for each market segment.

As the demand for consumer electronics grow, so the demand for circuit protection technologies increases. But why is circuit protection so critical? Consider where most consumers keep their smartphone. It’s in their pocket. If you have a Fitbit, it’s worn on your wrist. Electronics kept close to the human body may be adversely affected by user-generated electrostatic discharge (ESD). If the proper circuit protection devices aren’t part of the electronic design, the sensitive components and/or circuits could become damaged by ESD. Even worse, excessive heat within the device could burn the user.

Littelfuse, the global leader in circuit protection, is keenly aware of the unique design challenges within this market. In fact, its design engineers keep up with the latest trends in consumer electronics to innovate within the company’s circuit protection product portfolio. As electronic devices get smaller and more complex, Littelfuse is creating devices that offer lower capacitance, lower clamping voltages and smaller form factors.


Infographic Projects Consumer Electronics Boom Across 7 Market Segments

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