Get a Notion of the Motion of the Ocean…NASA Super-what?

Ocean Hyperwall

Imagine meeting ‘Plaides’ – one of the fastest computers in the world. This supercomputer, powered by 1.024 AMD Opteron cores and 128 NVIDIA GeForce GPUs connected to 208 GB of graphics memory, visualizes  at a 28-ft by 10-ft wall of displays, rendering a quarter billion pixels – puts any home theatre system to shame!

Though our Speed2Design winners from the engineering community saw many mind-boggling  NASA technologies at Ames Research Center, a crowd favorite was the Hyperwall TechTalk when we got to experience the motion patterns of the world’s oceans.

Though not in real-time, this moving image provides insight to how water currents move through the world – which not only shows patterns in weather phenomenon (such as tidal waves and massive storms) but also illustrates the lunar effects on the water!

Here is an up-close shot of our ocean’s movement showing how detailed these calculations can be and proving the great power of NASA’s Supercomputers!

Ocean Hyperwall Supercomputer

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