Infographic Illuminates Energy and Cost Savings from LED Technology


Based on the latest industry statistics, the LED market is certainly experiencing outstanding growth, especially in Europe and in the outdoor lighting segment.  But why is it growing at such a fast pace?  LEDs save energy and reduce costs. The latest infographic from Littelfuse provides up-to-date insight on the major savings that result from implementing LED lighting.

Why is saving energy so important to consumers and businesses today? Because they realize how the future of the planet is closely tied to optimizing our use of resources and energy. As shown in the infographic, LED lighting lasts much longer than traditional bulbs and uses less energy. Saving energy reduces emissions, which in turn benefits the environment. If your LED light bulb lasts significantly longer than a standard incandescent, then you’ll be disposing of much fewer light bulbs over a lifetime of illumination.

Businesses are switching to LED lights as part of eco-friendly corporate initiatives. However, the benefits extend beyond philanthropy and feeling good about protecting the environment. Since LEDs use little energy and are easy to maintain, companies significantly reduce their utility and maintenance expenses.

There’s a third group taking notice of the key benefits of LED lighting. Around the globe, governments are defining standards that could make LED lighting a requirement for many municipalities. The primary method for achieving this is by banning the production or importation of light bulbs that don’t meet specified efficiency standards. This forces anyone within the jurisdiction to switch to a more efficient form of lighting. Incandescent bulbs are frequently under ban because they use excessive amounts of power while producing abundant heat waste.

To succeed in today’s competitive technology market, it is vital to keep up with the latest trends and benefits to help you focus on developing and designing technologies that are in demand. Based on the proven energy and cost savings, LED lighting is a great place for technology investment and development.

For Littelfuse, keeping pace with the latest trends and benefits associated with LED lighting is closely tied to the company’s innovative circuit protection product portfolio. In response to the persistent growth of the LED market, the company continues to develop innovative circuit protection devices designed to protect the sensitive electronic components and circuits within LED lighting.

To learn more about how to protect the ROI of outdoor LED lighting installations, download the 22-page LED Lighting Surge Protection Modules Design and Installation Guide.


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