Protecting Technology. Protecting Life.

Attracting students to the value of circuit protection.

Fuses. Every engineering or electronics student has heard about them. Small, passive components, that sit within an electronic device and wait for something bad to happen. Unfortunately, circuit protection awareness doesn’t go any further for aspiring engineers. Even worse, the topic rarely appears on the student’s schedules. How can we put this topic on the agenda of students, explain the importance of considering circuit protection from the very beginning in the design process and position Littelfuse as a global player and exciting employer?

Challenge accepted. Daria Kriegs, Sales Manager Europe, Electronics Business Unit  proved in a vivid and interactive lesson at the University of Stuttgart in Germany that this is an easy task for her. She immediately had the students hanging on her every word and curiously exploring the components she shared while explaining their functions and applications. The students quickly realized that circuit protection is part of their everyday lives, 24/7; while using their mobile devices, driving the car, even taking the elevator.

Most fascinating to the students was the fact that those small, hidden champions are helping enable the latest technology developments like e-cars and rockets. “I’ve stumbled upon fuses in literature, but have never really touched them or could imagine what they look like, especially when it comes to all the existing varieties and sizes,” one of the students, Dustin, said.

By defining the use of circuit protection in various applications, Daria pointed out what could happen if those tiny protection devices did not work properly, further demonstrating their importance to electronics design. “That’s exactly the kind of practical, first hand information I often miss during my studies. I will definitely keep that in mind,” Ali explained.

Due to this experience, the students will not only keep the components in mind but also Littelfuse as a company and brand. By mapping out possible careers and the curves and twists they can take, Daria discussed numerous opportunities for the young generation of engineers and what they can achieve. Key is to remain curious, flexible, open minded and happy to embrace new challenges.

Illustrating her experience at Littelfuse and her passion for her job, Daria made it easy for several students to come up to her to talk about current projects and bachelor thesis which they are working on and exploring ideas and possibilities of internships with Littelfuse abroad or in Germany.

“We plan to continue these kinds of activities in the future in order to educate people on circuit protection, making them true fans of Littelfuse,” said Daria.

This is part of an ongoing educational outreach by Littelfuse Speed2Design. Daria and others like her within the global organization of Littelfuse are helping to educate college level students on the importance and value of circuit protection. The goal is to assure that, as these students enter their engineering careers, they will remember the importance of using Littelfuse circuit protection solutions to assure their electronics designs are robust – protecting both the new technologies they develop as well as the lives of the users.

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