Speed2Design Winners Selected!

Visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center scheduled for December 12

While the government shutdown may have slowed things down a bit, 10 lucky engineers have finally been selected to go behind the scenes at NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. The two-day trip is part of the Speed2Design Exploration & Discovery , a program sponsored by Littelfuse, which provides a unique technology-packed experience specifically for the design engineering community. (See Contest Rules here.)

Last year, Speed2Design took engineers behind the scenes at several IndyCar race events to learn the inner workings of a hi-tech race car team, from the garage to the pits, through qualifying and race day. This year, the Littelfuse commitment to continuing the Speed2Design program extends to the advanced technologies being developed at NASA for space exploration and the betterment of life here on Earth.

When they visit NASA Johnson Space Center, perhaps the most historic of the space agency’s 10 field centers, winners will meet face-to-face with NASA engineers involved in creating the most sophisticated technology in the world. The winners of the trip will learn more about the most exciting and sophisticated technology anywhere including:

• ISS National Laboratory
• Orion Program
• Project Morpheus
• Robonaut and Robotics
• Life Support Systems & Environmental Control
• Extravehicular Activity Space Suit Design
• Human Health and Performance Center
• Avionics and Electronics for Space Environments
(Micro-Wireless Instrumentation Systems)
• Safety and Mission Assurance (non-destructive testing)
• Chief Technologist (R&D efforts and collaboration)
Subject to change.

“The winners will go where few have gone before,” explains Rhonda Stratton, Marketing Communications Manager. “This is not simply a tour of the public facilities. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to explore behind the scenes what is being developed at NASA and to meet the innovative and creative people behind these new technologies in a series of peer-to-peer TechTalk discussions. Our winners will be awe-struck by everything NASA’s technology exchange has to share.”

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