The Circuit Protection Experts from Speed2Design Have Strapped Themselves in for 2013…and This Time, the Sky is the Limit!

In 2012, as part of our Speed2Design™ program, Littelfuse took some lucky winners behind the scenes at four different IndyCar race weekend experiences. In addition to the excitement that comes from watching competition at more than 200 mph, they participated in face-to-face TechTalks with IndyCar engineers responsible for building and maintaining some of auto racing’s highest performance machines. And that presented a real challenge for 2013. How could we top that experience for this year’s Speed2Design winners? How could we go further and higher than that adrenaline rush? And that’s when it hit us . . .

Who goes further and higher than the people at NASA? For 2013, Littelfuse will once again be taking winning engineers behind the scenes for two Exploration & Discovery experiences at NASA. We’ll be hosting Speed2Design TechTalks to let engineers from around the country talk one on one with engineers involved in the NASA Technology Transfer Program. The TechTalks will be held in conjunction with visits to Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., on August 15 and to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, on October 24. Over the next few months, 10 winners will be selected at random from those who enter to participate in each event. There’s no cost to winners; Littelfuse will supply a travel voucher and cover lodging and event expenses.

An aerial photograph of NASA's Ames Research Center (Source:, Eric James)

An aerial photograph of NASA’s Ames Research Center (Source:, Eric James)

Just as in 2012’s Speed2Design program, the 2013 Exploration & Discovery program will deliver a technology-packed experience that anyone in the design engineering community would love. The winners will have a chance to talk with NASA experts currently working on technological breakthroughs in small spacecraft, intelligent robotics, bioengineering, the NASA Space Portal, and much, much more. Hospitality events are also included the night before and day of the event.

Even if you don’t win one of the coveted spots to visit a NASA facility, you can still get a look behind the scenes at NASA by following the Speed2Design blog. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be video blogging about some fascinating people and projects we’ve already encountered at Ames Research Center and Johnson Space Center.

The Speed2Design program is designed to highlight how Littelfuse is transforming into a “rapid-response center” website, providing electronics design-related content that includes product selection guides, design guides, sample kits and much more. The goal of is to provide support and solutions for time-pressured electronic engineers seeking answers and information about proper circuit protection technology, selection, and best practices in design.

To catch up on anything you missed during the exciting 2012 IndyCar season, watch our Speed2Design 2012 Highlights Video. The drawing for the second Speed2Design Exploration & Discovery experience at NASA Johnson Space Center will be held October 2, 2013, so don’t let your chance get away. ENTER TODAY!

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