Littelfuse iDesign™ Tool is the First Fuse Design and Selection Tool of its Kind in the Circuit Protection Industry

Robust, web-based tool reduces time and uncertainty when selecting optimal fuse for application

I Design logoLittelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, has introduced the Littelfuse iDesign™ Online Fuse Design and Selection Tool, a robust, web-based tool designed to help circuit designers identify the optimal electronic fuses for their projects. The Littelfuse iDesign tool, the first of its kind available from a circuit protection device supplier, was developed in response to requests from Littelfuse customers. It offers a fast, intuitive way to identify the best component for an application, find parts documentation, and order part samples for prototyping, all in one convenient package. To use the Littelfuse iDesign tool, simply register to create a free online account… Read more

Which of These 11 Fuse Selection Factors Have You Overlooked?

For the circuit designer, few tasks can be quite as complex as choosing an appropriate fuse for an application. Simply deciphering the information in the various manufacturers’ datasheets and comparing them with the application’s requirements can be extremely time-consuming… Read more

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